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Stone sealing
Your Local Experts in Sealing Stone.


Stone Sealing Gold Coast

The majority of natural and engineered stone is porous leaving them prone to damage and staining if not correctly maintained. The professional team at Stoneseal Australia use industry leading products combined with decades of experience to deliver the highest quality stone sealing service for our customers.

Penetrating Sealers

Unlike a surface coating, a penetrating sealer will soak deep into the pores of your natural stone, offering long-term protection from staining. Stoneseal Australia uses only the highest quality professional penetrating sealers that won’t peel, flake or yellow like low quality surface coatings do.

The Stone Sealing Process

First and foremost, one of our stone professionals will assess the job to decide on the best course of action to achieve the perfect result for you.

Planning Stage

  • We’ll determine whether the floors need professional stain removal, polishing or honing in preparation to be sealed.
  • We’ll decide whether to use a solvent or water based sealant depending on the type and desired finish of your stone.
  • We need to decide whether to use a natural look sealer that won’t change the colour of the stone, or an enhancing sealer that’ll darken your stone and enhance its features.

Let’s get to work

  • Specialised products and equipment are used to remove grease, dirt, oil and other contaminants. Some stains may require deeper polishing and honing.
  • The day after cleaning, restoring or repairing the stone, two coats of penetrating sealer will be applied in quick succession to avoid the first coat completely drying.
  • The remaining residue will be buffed off once the sealant has penetrated and dried into the stone. The stone can be used immediately, however must not touch the surface for around 12 hours.


Stone Benchtop Sealing

With the amount of activity in the average family kitchen, it is no surprise that benchtops get a serious work out. While natural stone benchtops such as marble, limestone, travertine and onyx are a luxury in any space, they require a certain level of maintenance and care due to their naturally porous form.

Stone Floor Sealing

Stone floors are often used in high-end homes, office buildings and hotels, however in many cases the stone isn’t properly sealed and maintained leaving the floors dull, stained or damaged. Sealing is the final process after installation, polishing and professional cleaning and creates a surface that is resistant to staining.

Outdoor Stone Sealing

Correctly sealing outdoor stone pavers and tiles is essential around pools, driveways and courtyards. Constant exposure to a variety of elements like rain, pool water, dirt, leaves, animal faeces, food and other organic matter will cause staining if your stone isn’t correctly sealed.

Stone Shower Sealing

Soap scum and mould in and around showers is something that all property owners contend with. Stone bathrooms look amazing, but come with their perks in terms of care and maintenance.

Before trying anything drastic, please read through these tips and tricks and feel free to get on the phone and give us a call with any questions, we’re happy to offer advice which may prevent long-term damage to your stone.

Stone Shower Tips and Tricks

  • Only use PH balanced cleaning products fee of abrasive agents.
  • DO NOT use a scourer or wool pad. These will scratch stone surfaces and result in dull patches.
  • Don’t let mould and soap scum build up. The longer it is left the more it will stain and the harder it will be to remove.
  • Use only products specialised for stone. Supermarket cleaners designed to remove mould and soap scum can be harsh and cause stone to dull over time.
  • Clean your shower with a recommended anti-bacterial product.


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