Leaders in Non Slip Flooring Solutions


Leaders in Non Slip Flooring Solutions

Non Slip Flooring Solutions

SLIPSTOP Anti-Slip solutions are a one-time application treatment that microscopically manipulates the surface of ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles – as well as concrete, granite, marble, terrazzo, terracotta and many more.

SLIPSTOP is not simply a coating that covers the floor surface and consequently it won’t begin to peel off at any time. Through a complex chemical reason, SLIPSTOP treatments create a micro-structure to the surface leaving the floors with a coefficient of friction that -is
safe even when exposed to water, grease, oil, etc.

Industry Leading Anti Slip Flooring

With 40 years experience, SLIPSTOP offer industry standard anti-slip flooring solutions. As an authorised and approved applicator for SLIPSTOP Australia, Stoneseal Australia are your local experts in the application of SLIPSTOP non-slip flooring.

Whether for commercial compliance or domestic safety concerns, the team at Stoneseal Australia will work with you to find a long-term anti-slip flooring solution.

Why Choose SLIPSTOP?

  • Anti-Slip Treatment Leaders. With over 40 years experience and expertise in non-slip solutions, SLIPSTOP Australia is the recommended and industry leader in all anti slip solutions and floor sealing.
  • 5 Year Guarantee. We take all the necessary steps in the anti slip application and provide a 5-year guarantee for your floor.
  • Quick Application. No need to close down your facilities or buildings. SLIPSTOP products can be applied quick and fast ensuring you can continue operating as normal.
  • Ready to Walk On. Instant slip resistance after application. As soon as our anti slip application is done, the floor is ready to walk on.

SLIPSTOP and Your Business

SLIPSTOP trained personnel carry out SLIPSTOP treatments at times most convenient to the client and the location. Smaller contracts are normally completed within a few hours, with no drying or curing time. This eliminates the need for shutdown of the facilities, this means no loss of profit and minimum inconvenience.

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