Stone Cleaning

Professional Stone Cleaning Solutions.

Stone Cleaning

Professional Stone Cleaning Solutions.


At Stoneseal Australia, we use a range of safe chemical procedures to remove contaminants and clean both natural and engineered stone. Depending on the condition and extent of damage/staining to your stone, we may be able to fix it with specialised cleaning processes, avoiding the need to polish or fully restore the surface.

Stone Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of your stone surfaces following a professional clean and seal is minimal considering it’s long-term benefits. We detail specific maintenance plans for each of our clients and can even supply the required products to ensure your stone surfaces are forever shining.

Stone Maintenance Tips

  • Use ONLY PH balanced products on natural or engineered stone.
  • DO NOT use a scourer or steel wool to remove mould or soap scum. This will scratch your stone surfaces and result in dull patches.
  • Use products that don’t contain abrasive materials. i.e. Jiff, Gumption.
  • NEVER mix ammonia products with bleach as this can cause a toxic and dangerous reaction.
  • Clean your shower with a recommended, anti-bacterial product.

Stone Bench Top Cleaning

Regular maintenance with the right products will preserve the look and life of your stone bench tops while also delaying the need for professional care. However, with time and use, stains will occur and your stone may require professional cleaning.

Engineered Stone Bench Top Cleaning

Engineered stone bench tops are renowned for being low-maintenance and easy care. A daily wipe down with a warm soapy cloth is sufficient for daily maintenance, but if you’ve stains that have penetrated into your stone surface, they’re likely to need to be professionally cleaned.

Natural Stone Bench Top Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help to preserve your natural stone bench tops, but constant exposure to food, grease, toiletries and chemicals will eventually result in staining. Using the wrong products and processes may cause further damage to your stone. Give us a call or send us a message with a photo of the surface and we’ll advise the best course of action.


Stone Floor Cleaning

At Stoneseal Australia, we have decades of experience in specialised stone cleaning.

Stone surfaces certainly pose a little more of a cleaning challenge than most surfaces. Below is some information about regular maintenance of your stone floors, but if they’re needing a little more than a basic clean, one of our stone professionals will be happy to inspect the job and give advice, and/or a quote.

How to clean natural stone floors

For regular cleaning of your stone floors, start by vacuuming or sweeping to get rid of dirt and dust. Fill a bucket with clean warm water and use water alone or a small amount of Neutral Floor Cleaner, dish soap, or the recommended cleaning product from the manufacturer.

Stoneseal Australia stock a range of professional cleaning products designed specifically for natural stone floors.

Stone Shower Cleaning

Built up soap scum and mould in your shower is never a good look and can be hard to stay on top of with regular supermarket cleaning products.

Natural stone poses a few more challenges than regular bathroom tiles, however with the right mix of products and know-how, Stoneseal Australia will have your stone shower looking like new again.

Outdoor Stone Cleaning

Stone is a stunning feature of any outdoor area when it is well maintained, but it is no surprise that outdoor stone is extremely susceptible to mould and stains caused by organic matter such as leaves and dirt.

If your stone surfaces are covered in leaves, bird droppings, fruit or flowers – it is important to remove this organic matter as soon as possible. If left too long, colours will leech from the organic matter and into the porous stone surface.


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