Marble & Stone Sealing
Over 20 years experience in all things stone.
Marble & Stone Sealing
Over 20 years experience in all things stone


Professional Stone Enthusiasts

Time and use wears natural stone surfaces, often leaving them looking dull and lifeless. As stone professionals, there’s nothing we love more than bringing tired old stone back to its former glory.

As true stone enthusiasts, the last thing we want to see is damaged stone that could’ve been prevented. Even if it’s just for advice, get in touch with our professional and friendly team before attempting any DIY on your stone surfaces.

Family Owned & Operated

We’re your local family owned and operated experts in the restoration, repair and maintenance of granite, limestone, concrete, marble, terrazzo and all other natural stone. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve got the know-how, products and solutions for all your stone requirements.

Pride in Stone

Quality of Work

At Stoneseal Australia, we take pride in the fact that the stone we work with is all different and unique – requiring different methods and products to achieve the desired outcome for our clients.

We treat all stone surfaces and the locations in which we work as if it were our own home.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that the methods and products used are thoughtfully and professionally matched to your stone and the desired outcome. While working on your stone, we assure that the surroundings and other surfaces are protected to avoid any damage.

Stoneseal Australia will leave nothing behind aside from the beautiful stone surface your home deserves.

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