Stone Polishing

Your Local Stone Polishing Professionals.

Stone Polishing

Your Local Stone Polishing Professionals.

Stone Polishing Gold Coast

Depending on the condition and type of stone, Stoneseal Australia uses a number of professional methods to polish both natural and engineered stone to their former glory.

Essentially stone polishing is using a variety of diamond discs, specialised machinery and polishing compounds to restore a high gloss or honed finish to your stone surfaces.

Stone Polishing Technology

With over 20 years experience polishing stone, Stoneseal Australia uses the latest diamond abrasive technology, specialised tools, products and processes to achieve nothing short of absolute satisfaction for our clients.

Stone Floor Polishing

Are your stone floors looking a little dull and lifeless?

Professional stone polishing or honing by the team at Stoneseal Australia will dramatically enhance the look of your stone floor and will remove scratches, pitting, dirt and other build up in high traffic areas.

Stone Bench Top Polishing

Professional polishing of your stone bench tops will restore a high gloss or honed finish to your natural or engineered stone bench tops, bathroom vanities or stone furniture.

Stone polishing will revive the surface of your stone, resulting in a clean, reflective looking and smooth feeling surface.


Stone Shower Polishing

Does your stone shower look a little worse for wear with years of soap scum build up?

The professional team at Stoneseal Australia have the know-how along with specialised tools and products to polish your stone shower to achieve a stunning surface free of soap scum, dull patches and etching.

Marble Polishing

Marble is one of the most aesthetically stunning natural stones available, but due to its soft, porous nature, it is particularly susceptible to scratching and etching.

While there are a number of methods you can take to maintain your marble surfaces in-house, professional polishing by the team at Stoneseal Australia will leave a perfect, shiny finish to your marble free of scratches and dull spots.

Stone Honing

Stone honing is essentially the same as stone polishing, but uses different techniques, tools and products to achieve a more subtle matte surface with little or no gloss.

Honed surfaces can be less resilient to damage and staining than glossy polished surfaces and for the best long-term results your honed surfaces should be periodically cleaned and re-sealed with a deep penetrating, impregnating sealer.

Outdoor Stone Honing

Outdoor stone becomes a focal point of any outdoor space. Outdoor stone is durable and aesthetically pleasing, but it is also porous and prone to staining from organic matter like leaves and dirt as well as chemicals like pool chlorine.

The team at Stoneseal Australia have decades of experience in outdoor stone honing and will find a solution to reverse damage and restore the look and feel of your outdoor stone.


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