We do loads more than just sealing stone.
We do loads more than just sealing stone.

Local Stone Professionals

Stoneseal Australia are experts in the restoration and repair of granite, limestone, concrete, marble, terrazzo and all other natural stone. From general marble restoration, to repairs of chips, cracks, burns, scratches, etching and efflorescence – Stoneseal Australia can more often than not repair your stone to the point of being undetectable.

Stone cleaning involves using specialised chemicals, tools and methods to remove contaminants from your stone surfaces. Depending on the degree of staining or damage to your stone, further polishing or honing may be required to get your stone looking like new again.

Professional stone sealing will preserve the life and look of your stone surfaces. Stoneseal Australia use industry leading penetrating sealing products and the latest methods to seal and preserve both natural and engineered stone.

Is your stone looking dull and worn? We use a variety of diamond discs, specialised machinery and polishing compounds to restore a high gloss or honed finish to your stone surfaces.

As authorised and approved applicators for industry leader, SLIPSTOP Australia – Stoneseal Australia are your local experts in the application of non-slip flooring.

Whether for industrial, commercial or domestic flooring applications – epoxy flooring is a cost effective solution for an aesthically pleasing and hygenic concrete surface.

Scrubbing will only get you so far and professional grout re-colouring is a fast and cost effective way to give your tiled space a face lift.



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